Mary River Barrages

Mary River Barrages

   Project Client

Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics



Date Published: 11 Jul '08

Scope of work:

Byrne Consultants has been working closely with DIPL to develop strategies and designs for repairing existing barrage failures across the Mary River floorplans and limit the effects of salt water intrusion into the floodplain. This project has included geotechnical investigation of existing barrage failures at Tyrells and Bobbies barrages. Followed by design and construction of rock protected barrages, suitable for withstanding erosion from floodwaters and tides and being founded in the Mary River clay subgrade.

Project Highlights:

The project has been running for several years with lessons learned being implemented in successive designs and barrage extensions. Recent inclusions include the construction of flood monitoring stations and video recording of the 2016/17 flood. This will be combined with flood modelling of the next two wet seasons to further develop our understanding of the flood hydraulics and methods of construction and failure mitigation. Re-vegetation is also being explored as a suitable method of protecting disturbed sites and preventing further erosion. Byrne Consultants is also investigating 16 other barrages sites and preparing cost estimates and priorities for future barrage upgrades.

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